Initiatives to enhance Oman’s technological development conclude

Muscat: Engineering Village recently concluded two educational initiatives, “Taroos Visits Oman”and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programme for teachers and students.

Supported by BP Oman, the Taroos initiative aimed at providing exciting engineering experience by linking the field of electronics with engineering and mathematics. The STEM programme focused on diversifying teaching methods and introducing theoretical science to the daily lives of participants. This programme is a part of a global movement that seeks to adapt modern teaching methods based on experiential learning.

“We are pleased to support both initiatives by Engineering Village as we believe these will help in enhancing Oman’s technological development in the field of education. The Taroos and STEM programmes will equip the Omani youth with the crucial skills and knowledge they require to secure a promising future. Such initiatives drive the creation of a well-educated generation that will contribute to the growth of the Sultanate’s economy,” said Shamsa Al Rawahi, BP Oman Social Investment Manager.

Taroos engaged 600 students from across the Sultanate in intensive and dynamic workshops, seeking to make engineering concepts interesting and appealing to students. Two three-hours workshops were delivered in each governorate. On the other hand, STEM programme targeted 400 students and teachers. It comprised of 24 interactive workshops that were conducted throughout the year for three consecutive days. The teacher-specific workshops were designed to promote project-based learning, while the programme focusing on students included workshops that transform ideas into games in an effort to create a feasible and enjoyable learning environment.

“Both initiatives benefitted a great number of students across Oman. These programmes established a platform that helped in bolstering the students’ capabilities, allowing them to excel in their future endeavors. We believe that such initiatives will hone skills of the next generation, thus, leading the Sultanate to be one of the top countries in the field of STEM,” commented Fahad Al Siyabi, Chief Executive Officer of Engineering Village.“We are pleased with BP Oman’s unceasing support, which has allowed us to realise our goals,’’ he added further.

“Taroos Visits Oman” is an educational convoy that travels to various governates across the Sultanate and provides 21st century students with the necessary skills in the field of engineering as well as electronics to keep up with modern day developments. Whereas, STEM programme aims to integrate technology into standard teaching methods, amassing students with knowledge in four core academic disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Both initiatives are a part of the Engineering Village framework.


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