Bank Sohar to sponsor Oman blockchain training programme

Muscat: Bank Sohar will act as the official sponsor of the Blockchain Training Programme – Intermediate level workshop, organised by the Oman Blockchain Club, in a move aimed at keeping pace with the progress and adoption of cutting-edge technologies in leading global markets.

The workshop, which will be hosted by Dhofar University from August 5 to 9, seeks to improve the nation’s network of expertise in enterprise intelligence and promote greater understanding of the economic advantages expected through the implementation of such revolutionary technologies. Over 100 students and representatives from the public and private sectors, as well as entrepreneurs, are expected to participate in the training programme.

“Industrial revolutions throughout history have delivered prospects to the masses,” said Ahmed Al Musalmi, CEO of Bank Sohar, about the workshop. “Thus, as we embark upon the fourth Industrial Revolution, it is essential that we invest in understanding the potential impact of technology on local and international economies.

“Oman’s banking industry is central to the sustainability and growth of the national economy, so it is essential for us to maintain pace with cutting-edge developments prevalent in the world of finance,” he added. “The programme provides a key opportunity for Bank Sohar to further expand its network and relationships with local leaders in technology, as industries in Oman continue to explore the implementation and advantages of blockchain technology.”


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